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Our Vision

Ecogastronomy makes explicit that ecological and human cultural contexts of where and how food/wine are produced define its identity. Through exploring these linkages, we envision a future where our collective efforts lead to thriving ecosystems, climate-freindly production, vibrant communities, and delicious, high-quality products that are both nourishing and accessible.

We strive to be at the forefront of research and innovation, examining the intersections of environmental science, agrology, culinary arts, sensory analysis, and social psychology using quantitative methods. Through our multidisciplinary approach, we seek to unravel the complexities of our food systems and inspire positive change locally and globally.
UVic PhD students building biologically active compost for research at the Sandown Centre for Regenerative Agriculture.
Our vision encompasses the measurement and enhancement of soil health, empowering producers to adopt sustainable agricultural practices that are as profitable as they are benificial. We envision a future where every plate tells a story of environmental stewardship, where the quality and flavors of food and wine are deeply rooted in the vitality of the people and places from which they come.

Through sensory analyses, we unlock the potential for a deeper appreciation of our culinary experiences. By linking food/wine taste, aroma, texture, and terroir to where and how it was produced, we aim to elevate the enjoyment while promoting the primacy of place, ecological viability, and preservation of cultural heritage.
UVic students practicing sensory analysis in our class, ES 431 History, Science & Culture of Wine.
To extend the impact of our work, we are dedicated to building partnerships with local and international collaborators. By harvesting connections with experts at home and abroad, we aim to expand our knowledge of innovative approaches to sustainable gastronomy. Through these partnerships, we aspire to create a global network that transcends borders, fosters mutual learning, and inspires meaningful action.

We offer summer field schools, dual degree programs and research opportunities abroad for UVic students at L’Ecole Superieure d’Agricultures in Angers, France.

Ultimately, our vision is to ignite a forward-thinking, global movement towards ecogastronomy, where environmental consciousness, community engagement, and gastronomic excellence converge and are celebrated. We aspire to be a catalyst for transformative change, guiding the shift towards a more delicious future for all.
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Ecogastronomy Research Group

I and my students use quantitative analyses of food and wine production systems to reveal linkages between ecological and social sustainability, “quality”, and the primacy of place … “Ecogastronomy”

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