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What is Ecogastronomy ?

Ecogastronomy encompasses the deep connection between food & wine, their places of origin, the environment, and human cultures. Recognizing that the food we consume is reliant on soil health and ecological processes, we realize that every meal we consume has implications for our well-being, the planet, and our communities. The primary goal of ecogastronomy revolves around championing agricultural practices and selecting food options that promote both personal health and planetary welfare.

At UVic, our pursuit involves the comprehensive study of food and wine production. We use quantitative data and empirical evidence to unravel the complex ways in which agricultural practices influence the environment and society. Our aim is to illuminate the intricate bonds between nurturing nature, crafting meaningful culinary experiences, and understanding the journey our food makes from farm to table. Through our efforts, we strive to foster sustainable farming practices, while enhancing access to premium-quality food for everyone.
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Agriculture is the world's single largest driver of global environmental change and, at the same time, is most affected by these trends. Our research examines the capacity of sustainable, climate-smart agriculture to support our environmental objectives, while benefiting farmers and consumers.
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"Good" foods & wines retain the identity of their origin; they connect consumer to producer; to the place and community responsible for its prodcution. Our research explores these connections, and seeks to illuminate their meaning in the context of a market economy to motivate positive change at all levels of the supply chain.
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The EcoSoil Lab works directly with farmers in the assessment and mapping of functional soil health and on-farm development and amplification of carbon-rich biostimulants. Our goal is to remove barriers in adopting production- and climate-friendly pratices that lead to more premium BC foods and wines.

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Ecogastronomy Research Group

I and my students use quantitative analyses of food and wine production systems to reveal linkages between ecological and social sustainability, “quality”, and the primacy of place … “Ecogastronomy”

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